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who took stock of his sinking boat. >> come on board. >> reporter: jeremy leonard took us on board. >> when i got here it was like a quake in a house. everything was on the ground, on the cabin, i noticed a leak down there. >> reporter: he said the waves tossed something under his boat putting a hole no it. >> we are sinking right now. >> reporter: more than a dozen sank, some attached to part of a dock that no longer exists. >> we just watched the dock fall apart from the pressure. >> reporter: the area hardest hit by the area, today police were escorting boat owners down this ramp, it was a dangerous walk back to the boats because the pathway broke apart. this boat is his home, after evacuating she went back for essentials. >> this is my clothes, son's clothes, husband's work clothes and that's it. >> reporter: she is gratel her
is in tokyo where it is now 10:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. she joins us live now via skype with the latest on what's happening. >> reporter: julie and frank, woke up this morning, it's about 10:00 a.m. and the big headline is the radiation. a lot of concerns just four hours ago that there was a fire at the fukushima plant. a worker apparently was going by and saw smoke coming out of that. it looks like it's contained, but a lot of concern. we do have video of an area that has had quite a bit of problems and one thing we're hearing is that there's going to be a cold blast that will come over the country today, possibly bringing snow to that area. you can just imagine how much more difficult that will make relief efforts and not only for the earthquake evacwees, but now you mention coming from the fukushima radiation danger zone. one thing i have to point out, there are workers at that plant who agreed to stay behind and you know, you can't help but call them heros with high levels of radiation. they are trying to do what they can to save it and keep it from being widespread. here in tokyo,
communities are overwhelmed. this is video right now in capitola. a video of the mess was sent to us of the floodwaters. our meteorologist is following the storm front. we begin with ktvu's jim vargas. >> ken, this is just devastating for some down here in capitola. we will show you what the flood left from 9 to 2 this afternoon there was a rushing river down there. >> reporter: this video was shot by a local resident just as crews thought they could beat the storm and replace the culvert that gave way two days ago. the destruction that started thursday. >> this was way worse than thursday. this is probably closer to three feet coming out to do this damage. >> reporter: pretty bad? >> really bad. if you had a raft you may as well go rafting. >> so very, very high water just rushing so strongly with big waves going right down capitola. >> reporter: yes. >> just going into the village, horrible, horrible. >> reporter: at this point, no one even knows how many of the 4mobile homes in this park can be repaired. or when it's all over how much damage has been done to the rest of the town.
hours for search and rescue teams in the sierra. crews used a helicopter to rescue a man stranded today. also placer county deputies tell ktvu that they have found the body of -- a medical problem may have contributed to his death. >>> here is a live picture of interstate 80 in the sierra. right now it is smooth sailing there. chains were required earlier today for trucks on interstate 80 and highway 50. but cal trance has since cancelled that traffic advisory. >>> an update now on a story we first told you about last night at 6:00. problems continue in a santa cruz county neighborhood cut off by a massive landslide. >> oh my god, we better move. a cell phone camera captured this video as the mud and rock came tumbling down yesterday on nelson road in scotts valley. there are 26 homes on the other side of that slide. right now the only way to get there is on foot. through a makeshift trail, the geologists inspected the landslide today and is still evaluating the situation there. >>> engineers are keeping a close eye on a cracked levee in southern county. work crews from a conservation c
. so what can you tell us? >> the tsunami advisory i suspect won't be around much longer either. that's good news. but here is how it looks outside right now. we've been watching santa cruz harbor all day. the in and out surge. the tsunami impulses. this live picture showing the degree if you look down to the lower part of the screen. the pictures from today obviously across the pacific and to japan amazing. the pictures here, we've never really seen anything like this on live television where we had a tsunami move into the harbor like this. amazing day in santa cruz. lots of issues down with the boats. a tsunami warning is now a tsunami advisory. i suspect that will be dropped shortly adds well. when we come back we have weather to talk about as well. >>> the san mateo county is one of four counties on a state of emergency. the declaration makes state resources available now to those counties. >>> in just the last hour, the situation has changed in san francisco after a day on high alert. ktvu's david stevenson is live in the city where he received an update from emergency officials.
us it is difficult to bring in a lot of supplies on foot. >> we are running a little low on propane and depending on how long it takes to clear the slide that may be an issue. >> reporter: at a community meeting with homeowners this afternoon, scots valley officials said they expect to dump crushed rock on the foot path to make a temporary road suitable for vehicles. >> we want you to have propane. >> reporter: even if the landslide seems to be relatively stable right now the ongoing rain still has homeowners concerned but many told us they believe they have gotten past the worst of this ordeal. >> we are all safe and we are all sound and things are looking up a little bit. >> reporter: some people aren't as certain. >> i'm not sure it is done sliding. >> to the right. to the right. >> reporter: as you see crews were finally able to pull the supply vehicle out and get into the area. also pg&e got trucks into the homes. now homeowners say they will wait to see what happens with this next storm. live in scots valley, robert, honda, channel 2news. >>> our storm watch news covers on our
a road for emergency escape. we're able to use that. however with all the rain the road has become quite deteriorated. >> reporter: it has been a tough week for people on nelson road. just up the street, homeowners are dealing with their second power outage since monday. after this 80-foot fir tree crashed down on power and telephone lines. >> i got there and there were wires on the road and pavement. the asphalt was melting in a couple of spot where is the wires was touching it. >>> yesterday we show you a huge fir tree that crushed this home and nearly missed the homeowner inside. the power outages has pg & e crews on 24 hour shifts. >> we're trying to do as much can do and stay safe. >> reporter: some homeowners say yes, mother nature is picking on them. >> we're due for a break. we've had our share of indenses this year. >> reporter: this afternoon the county told us there was no change with the slide or the san lorenzo river where people were evacuated yesterday. but right now it's flowing safely. robert handa. >>> tonight in capitola they are looking at a long clean up from yesterd
wedged between these two fences. >> please use caution, if you see a mountain lion do not approach it. call 911. >> reporter: hours later, a reverse 911 call went out to residents including sherry who did not know the mountain lion was in their backyard. >> they shot it twice. as i said it ran back behind the fence. it was thrashing. >> reporter: because the cougar was caught between two fences, tranquilizing the animal wupt a safe action. >> we don't have an accurate shot. the mountain lion could get out angry. it was already hissing at the homeowners. and the people on the backyard. but it weighed over 100 pounds he thought. they picked it up, put it in a back bag. it was a big cat. >> reporter: many residents say they were saddened but supported the outcome. >> it's a safety issue. i think you have to do what you have to do. >>> the mountain lion was carried on a blue tarp to the back of a fish and game truck. reporting now in redwood city. maureen naylor. >>> a proposal to toughen the leash law got tougher today. dog leashes will be no longer than 6 feet long on city paths. the or
dramatic fine. >> concerned citizen showed us just how easy it is for residents to access the creeks and waterways despite signs and 6-foot fences. >> it is such a danger because we don't know where these waters might take us. >> she plans to attend a supervisor's meeting to voice her concerns and hear the county suggestions. g our goal is to have people not want to go in. > mitch, who oversees the flood control system drafted the report. he says the safeguards are adequate. the problem is inadequate public awareness. >> we can always put a fence in and put a higher fence in, and more signs and more signs, but somebody wants to get over it, they probably will. >> luann kaine said before the rafting tragedy, she had no idea the many creeks in the area pose so much danger. >> it's not that it's just a creek, it dumps into the canal and just the engineering of it, you know, there's a 20-foot drop and i didn't know this. >> he asked pg&e, east bay mud, and the local water district for input in developing awareness campaigns and plans to work with students. the principal of the high s
toward us. >> i try not to think about it because i find it to be overwhelming. i can't watch the news anymore. >> it'll be very harmful. >> reporter: scientists disagree. today they set up a tarp to catch rain, the best opportunity to measure the amounts. this predict it is plumes first reaches california perhaps as early as tonight, but perhaps tomorrow. scientists are looking for 10 chemicals. >> that's a really small number. it really won't be detectable because it's what you would see on a normal day just moving around. >> reporter: not detectable and causing no problems. today the advisory center is tracking the plume but only in the area near japan. let's come back live i can show you now we're at .12 per hour, that's still .11 still low for our traditional background in this area. lower than it was in fact, an hour ago. so we expect no problems here and we searchers say there is absolutely no health risk. reporting live, john fowler. >>> federal officials said today they'll start testing some passengers arriving from japan for radiation. officials say they are starting to monit
a million documents. today a spokesperson told us the company plans to meet the deadline. has a section dedicated to the explosion in san bruno. including slide shows of the damage and more on how the victims are trying to piece their lives back together. >>> the tape scandal involving undercover police officers led to the dismissal today of dozens of drug cases. ktvu's rob roth spoke with the mayor and how it's impacting his search for a new police chief. >> reporter: we just learned that 18 of the defendants have been in custody awaiting trial. noters tell us right now some of them are processed for release and could be free sometime this evening. >> reporter: in court this afternoon the judge dismissed 42 cases. that brings the total dropped due to the misconduct investigation to 57 and counting. >> this is real. it involves people's lives, not only for those incarcerated but also for victims in many cases. >> reporter: today he says his office will look into pass cases involving the undercover unit inside the haul of justice. sevenovers and a sergeant are under investigati
francisco tells us that in accordance with the 2002 charter to protect children, it sent letters to hundreds of parishioners disclose egg the allegations -- disclosing the allegations. >> i don't want to talk about it. i'm kind of surprised by it. >> reporter: the archdiocese says all clergy are aware of the investigation and the rest of the catholic community will be notified through the next issue of its weekly newspaper. the father was ordaned in 1978 and served in san mateo, belmont, novato, burlingame and here in san francisco. now, bay area parishioners are being encouraged to come forward. as of this afternoon, there were no new claims. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> opening statements began in the murder case of the leader of yusef bey iv. he's accused of orchestrating the murder of journalist chauncey bailey in 2007. prosecutors told the jury bey ordered the killing because bailey was going to write a story disclosing criminal behavior and financial problems with the bakery. bailey's family was in court today. >> our hearts are heavy as far as our family is concerned. it's not
came in. ktvu health and science editor joins us now in berkley with what the tests reveal. >> reporter: this confirms that japanese radioactivity is settling on the bay area, getting into our grass and into our soil as well as into our drinking water reservoirs. we were there this afternoon as the scientist discovered telltale spikes on his monitor of radioactive iodine. they tested milk from two bay area dairies. cows always eat grass and feed that contain naturally occurring radioactive particles. >> we don't expect it to have an additional impact on health. >> tiny amounts added to water is no risk. researchers are excited by these findings building this new detector today to expand their monitoring of air, water, and milk. >> to tell us how the particles disintegrate in our environment. this is a unique opportunity for us to do that. >> reporter: by tracking isotopes now, scientists say they'll be better prepared if there's a greater release later. you can go to our website,, click on web links for more details on what they're finding and what it means. >>> more disturbing
of not guilty today in a court in san francisco. u.s. district judge susan illston today said prosecutors can call other proathletes to testify. and that bonds former mistress, may be asked about his steroids use. >> the bonds lawyers say if you introduce that, we're going to introduce her nude photos from playboy. >> that accusation is false and it's very inflammatory. there's a will the of people who rightfully have strong feelings about domestic violence. >> reporter: greg anderson the former trainer has served a year in jail for refusing to testify. >> this isn't about barry bonds this is about a prosecution that is in our belief out of control. >> reporter: and as one of the final motions today, defense attorneys asked the court to set aside a half dozen seats at the trial for barry bonds friends and family. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police arrested a 17-year- old in berkeley today for bringing a loaded gun to school. the principal add berkeley technology academy called police after getting a tip about a weapon on campus. police told us th
is out in the public. it's very important for us to get him off the streets. >> reporter: police says the not very common for them to release surveillance video. but police are in that point of the investigation where they need the public's help. if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. >>> we're screwed, we now know a pg & e workers said those words just 20 minutes before a pipeline ignited a san bruno neighborhood. they feared they would cause a major major problem. after learning gas was flowing unabated due to a botched repair job, one operator said quote, we're screwed, we're screwed. less than a half an hour later, a fire ball ignited in a san bruno neighborhood. >> reporter: the more than 500 pages of transcripts involves this massive gas distribution facility to milpedas and a master control in san francisco. before this explosion and resulting fire killed eight and brought down 38 homes there was a big problem here in milpedas. it's like an air traffic control center directing gas from canada and texas to pipes serving the entire pg & e system. an apparently botche
the residents are used to a lot of rain up in the santa cruz mountains, they sort of know the deal and what to do. >>> the rain was not the only concern in the mountains, the storm's destruction almost killed someone. at around 10:00 this morning, this 150-foot fir tree came crashing down on this scotts valley home. demolishing the entire center center ridge of the house. a woman was trapped inside but managed to get out. they say she barely escaped from getting out. >> if we were ten feet inside the house, we have been extracating her from the house. >> it's been pretty gnarly. a lot of things happening. >> not too surprised they're not going to do anything today. >> not at all. it wouldn't. it's a river running down the road. >> reporter: and of course those small rivers and the big river here, the san lorenzo are ongoing concerns. the san loren zo rose 10 feet, not going over its banks but residents were surprised to see it go that high. the people here point out the storms aren't over yet. robert handa, ktvu news. >>> chief meteorologist bill martin has been tracking the storm all after
they should tell us, yeah. because if it had been a nice day we might have been all outside. >> reporter: the water district is still investigating the cause of the leak. we were told that the rain actually helped this situation by dill outing the ammonia. reporting live from san jose, janine, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> we are back on storm watch tonight. steady rain is making for a very wet saturday around much of the bay area. this was the scene mid-day. the residents there are keeping a close eye on the creek. live team coverage tonight beginning with our meteorologist mark tamayo tracking this latest powerful storm. >> heather light to moderate rainfall across the bay area. but the rainfall amounts will be picking up this evening. you can see the activity we are essentially covering here. the wind speeds with winds around 15-20 miles per hour so still a bit gusty so take a tour and show you up in the north bay we do have some activity to show you right around santa rose is a. the darker shades of rain do correspond with some more moderate rainfall down in the south bay area. some more
give us a call but also exercise common sense as well. >> reporter: coming back out, you can see this neighbor on the ground, that's one sign how worried neighbors are. they did not want to collect their neighbors this morning. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> after 2 days of deliberation a jury equilibriumed a poker player of murdering his parents. he beat and stabbed his parents at their home three years ago for money. he faces life in prison. >>> on the witness stand today the gunman in the murder of chauncey bailey. devaughndre broussard testified that yusef bey disliked chauncey bailey because of articles. and yusef bey ordered him to call another man because he is related to the man who killed his brother. yusef bey is facing three murder charges for the killings of chauncey bailey and two other men. devaughndre broussard is serving for those murders. antoine mackey is also on trial along side yusef bey. >>> embarrassing details about changes in barry bonds body took place today. kimberly bell said he developed acne and his testicles shrank. mike murphy testified his hat size grew
was created and first used during anti protest by nonmuslims. c.a.r.e. took it down because it didn't correctly represent the committee. >> it doesn't necessarily mean don't talk to the fbi. we encourage constitutionally informed cooperation. >> reporter: she says, at the same time just last week c.a.r.e. sued the fbi for putting a gps tracker on a muslim american's car in santa clara. c.a.r.e. was not invited to today's hearing. >> our bedrock of value is the idea of being able to confront -- >> and you can watch more of today's congressional hearing on just look for video on demand. >>> i did it for fun. those were said to be the words of a windsor high school student who survived a plunge off the golden gate bring. that's according to a surfer we spoke to who was there when the 17-year-old emerged from the water. the windsor unified school district tells ktvu the high school junior was on a field trip this morning when he jumped off the south end of the bridge and into the san francisco bay. near by surfers were able to help him to the shore. the boy only suffered from
decided not to go forward with the case based on the potential disclosure of someone who has given us information. it didn't have to do with the video necessarily. >> reporter: the sfpd, the district attorney and the fbi launched investigations into six plainclothes officers -- officers seen making drug busts on tapes. michael rains is coordinatingtowns for these officers. >> so the officer who puts his hand up to the camera is simply trying to get the person at the front desk not be able to see what room they are going to. they would rather not have that person tipping that person off to their pence. >> reporter: the officers in that assignment have been put on administrative assignments. >>> reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a man who was attacked at the redwood city caltrain station remains in critical condition tonight. but a caltrain spokesperson says the 47-year-old victim is slowing -- is showing slight inprompt -- slight improvement. police say he was attacked by a group of 15 men. some of those men may have left in a white comtact car.
by the tornado warning. he joins us now live in the santa cruz mountains with this story, ken. >> reporter: when we talked with you at 5:00 from our location at the summit. at 5:00 you could barely detect the rain coming down. what has not changed is that traffic is still moving at a pretty good pace. now it was raining hard most of the day. and that rain lasted through much of the afternoon. this is santa cruz as the storm rolled in with strong winds, acompanied by heavy rain. the mountain town of boulder creek receive add good soaking. the weather soon arrived in downtown san jose where just crossing the street was an ordeal. in san mateo the situation was more serious. for a brief time, when a tornado warning was issued just before noon. stephanie padres works in a near by school. >> it's just warned everybody to stay indoors. there's a tornado warning and we just weren't to go outside until they heard other wise. >> reporter: plenty of people were outside in downtown san mateo despite the warning and the weather. >> it's been torrential i just came from sunnyvale. it's been very scary on the
of the plants lost their cooling system in the earthquake and tsunami last friday. a travel warning today for u.s. citizens, not to go to japan unless absolutely necessary. flights have resume in japan. 1200 american citizens are in the northeastern part of the country. >> in the bay area, the red cross and san francisco leaders are coordinating fund raising efforts for earthquake and tsunami victims in japan. they have met with a representative from the japanese consulate who told them there is an immediate need. the red cross say the best way to help is donating money. >> the best way to help is to provide a donation so we could purchase the supplies on the ground in japan. >> the red cross says an easy way to donate is text red cross to 90999 and that will donate $10 to that relief fund. a crew arrived in tokyo late saturday night. ktvu's janet is live via skype where it is 10:00 a.m. in the morning there. what is it like in tokyo and is there a sense in tokyo that country is ipcrisis? >> reporter: absolutely. as soon as we touched down on sunday, one day ahead here, it was everywhere. you saw
that is in jail today that shouldn't be there because of corruptioning evidence. >> reporter: prosecutors tell us they hope to avoid a repeat of last year's police narcotics lab scandal in which about 600 drug cases were dismissed. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> protesters who are opposed to a gang injunction zone if oakland are gathered at city hall. paul chambers is on the scene. >> reporter: we're live here at city hall, in the last 15 minutes, take a look. the rally for a gang injunction has stepped up. let's take a look at video from earlier today. they started the march from fremont high school. they make their way down to city hall. they had a temporary stop at international and 14th avenue where they blocked an interception just for a short period of time. what the group wants to do is stop the city attorney of oakland from getting gang injunctions. they want to put pressure on city hall to stop. we are back here once again, you can see the people are out here hanging out. it's been a pretty peaceful rally. they want the state attorney to stop the gang injunctions where he sa
: the paperwork came in by the truck load packed in bags. security guards wouldn't let us pass this gate at the cow palace but we watched work grews unload boxes. >> they've been collecting, scanning about 250 million of records -- million records and putting them in the database. >> reporter: workers are working around the clock to process that paperwork. before 7:00 a.m., workers lined up behind the building to start a 12-hour shift. pg&e must turn over that information to the p.u.c. by march 15th. they were ordered to do so after they found the records on the san bruno pipeline were not accurate. >> this is an example of the level of commitment that pg&e is putting forth making sure this process is thorough. >> reporter: rick brison lives a block away from the area and he says the massive records review is a little too late. >> if he are gonna be going after this stuff -- they are gonna be going after this stuff, way, way late. they are only going after it now because they have to. >> reporter: and he says he's still waiting for information from pg&e about the future of the pipeline.
the video shows the officers using a master key to enter the suspect's home and getting permission after the fact. then the officers are alleged to have lied in the reports and at least one case on the stand. >> if this was their pattern of practice clearly there is something wrong and goes to the very heart of the criminal justice system. >> reporter: now we learned from interim police chief godown that the 6 officers involved will be placed on administrative leave within the next 24 hours and live in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a former narcotics task form commander pleaded not guilty to conspiring to sell drugs seized in raise. prosecutors say norman welch seen here in a bail hearing had the help of 49-year-old chris butler. butler, a private investigator also pleaded not guilty today. >>> sheriff's deputies are standing guard as federal agents search for evidence as two bay area card clubs. the fbi stormed in san bruno in the predawn hours and also in emeryville. agents won't say what prompted the raid which involved the dea and the irs and other agenc
that telless us there is a safety action, we will take action immediately. we are not doing nothing. >> if he is correct about the situation in japan it means there may be nothing more that can be conto prevent the fuel rods from a melt down. >>> the feds are adding more radiation monitors in the united states as concerns rise. the epa monitors radiation throughout the area. this is one of the monitors on top of this building in san francisco. we showed you this on monday during the 10:00 news. it can detect changes in radiation levels across the country. >> there are two nuclear plants in california and one is next to a fault line that was just recently discovered. >> reporter: that senatorrer is pointing his finger at pg&e, a company that prides itself on safety. that senator is asking it to do studies because of that fault line next to its power plant. >> this is the nuclear power plant. it creates 15% of the state's electricity. designed to with stand a 5.5 magnitude earthquake and surrounded by a tsunami wall. >> we pull in ocean cooling water, it's design to with stand a tsunami up to 4
. >> reporter: chopper 2 shows us its a massive program. on much smaller projects reviews have taken years, the city is engaging environmentists now and plans to have a draft ready in seven months. >> we've looked at it with a clear eye and said, this is what we have to do and we're going to do it. >> reporter: we were there today as port commissions quickly approved a contract for the review. you can see project details for yourself and comment on them for the next eight days go to our website and click on web links. reporting live on treasure island, health and science editor, john fowler. >>> stocks surge early today and then held on to some big gains. >>> a flurry of positive economic news encouraged investors leading to the dow jones biggest gain since december 1st. jobless claims hit a low surprising analysts. business hired 217,000 workers. retailers saw a 4.2 percent increase in sales in february. the dow jones ended the day up 191 points, the nasdaq gained more than 50 points today. >>> coming up, police says the working. >> reporter: some tiburon residents are calling th
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